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Steve works with a variety of musicians, artists and/or sound and light technicians to make any performance a memorable event. Whether it's a 17 piece band, a jazz trio or pre-recorded backing tracks supplying the music, the show is always spontaneous, fresh, fun and highly entertaining. He always includes the audience in on the fun, making them feel like part of the show. Completely adaptable to any venue or clientele.

Plays Well With Others

And other performers absolutely love working with Steve, whether it's an organized, scripted show (like some of the Rat Pack Tribute shows), or a loose, improv-type show (like the Martin and Lewis Tribute), or just a few other performers dropping by to "sit in" at one of his solo shows. They find he is generous, accommodating and supportive, but there is always that sense of fun that lets you know anything can, and probably will, happen!

   The Rat Pack Encore!

   The San Manuel Rat Pack

  With Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora at Richie's house for his birthday!

   A Tribute to Martin & Lewis at "The Copa"

   The Rat Pack Encore backstage at the Beverly Hilton w/ Paul Reiser

   With Susan Ritter, Deana Martin and her husband/manager John Griffeths

With Dave Moscoe and TV Weatherman Dallas Raines

David Wolf ("Jerry") and Steve Waddington ("Dino")

Steve with Mark DeCarlo on the Jimmy Kimmel Stage

Steve, Frank Stallone, Susan backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Steve and Susan backstage with Bonnie Raitt

Steve and Susan with Daryl Higham (Imelda May's lead guitarist and husband)


About the music..

On the pre-recorded tracks, the songs that were originally recorded by the original artists (Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Elvis, etc) have been duplicated and recorded by professional studio musicians without lead vocals and made into what is referred to in the industry as "backing tracks". The vocalist then sings with the tracks for live performances, or in some cases, records their voice with the tracks in the studio.

Remember that all the original composers, writers, producers, publishers, and artists have certain rights as pertains to the use of their compositions, and these rights should be upheld. That's why the songs that follow are merely samples, not complete songs. 

In live performances, the artist, producer and/or client often choose which format will be used for the particular event (five to eighteen piece band, a jazz trio, backing tracks, symphony orchestra or an organ grinder and a monkey with a kazoo) depending on budget, space and personnel availability.

The original songs of Steve Waddington

The original songs on the following pages were written, recorded, produced and performed by Steve Waddington and as such have copyright and production rights as well.